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Available in November 2023 - THIS IS FOR THE PRO VERSION OF THE GAME.


This one-of-a-kind UV lighting kit will turn your Stranger Things pinball playing experience upside down!  Custom interactive code will activate lighting during dramatic events and experiences throughout game play, immersing players into the Stranger Things universe.


Kit contains:  New bottom arch w/ LEDs installed, 8 new butyrates, ramp LED boards mounted on install brackets, fasteners.


Pro version the bottom arch will be plastic



On all 3 models of Stranger Things, there is special UV ink that is printed all over the playfield, but you cannot tell it’s there until UV light shines on it! Surprise! Your games already have it!  This cool effect mostly occurs during the “Upside Down” mode throughout the game and makes the playfield GLOW and POP, looking dark and mysterious, all the more reason to play in a dim-lit room.   The UV Lights illuminate hidden artwork during special light shows as well.


This UV KIT will include a new bottom arch, a wholes new set of 8 plastics that all have UV ink in them, harnesses and UV lights for both the left and right ramps. A new bottom arch is needed because there will be lights mounted on it that shines over the bottom half of the playfield. Also, underneath the arch (which is not shown) are all the boards for the Kit. This kit is controlled by the software in the game.

Stranger Things UV Kit - Pro Stern Pinball

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